We will continue to use the consignment sale software, FlashConsign for the 2019 Sale!  The software is user-friendly and intuitive and streamlines many New To You processes, including checkout during the sale and generation of consignor checks. 

Here’s an overview of how the FlashConsign process works.  Consignor registration will be online and the registration fee is $10.  Once your registration is approved, you’ll receive a consignor number that will be yours for all future New To You sales.  You’ll enter your sale items online and then print tags with barcodes from your home (6 tags per page).  Just as in past sales, you’ll be able to choose whether or not you want each of your items to be sold for half-price on Friday and whether or not you want each of your unsold items to be donated.

The merchandise hanging, packaging, and drop-off/pick-up procedures will remain the same. Clothes will still be hung onto hangers with the hangers facing left like a question mark.  Shoes will still go in Ziploc Bags, etc.  So, if you want to get a head start while you’re waiting to register and create your new tags, you can work on hanging your clothes and preparing your other sale items.  After you print and cut your tags, you’ll still use safety pins (clothing and other soft items) or masking tape (toys and other hard items) to attach your tags to your items.  You can now use tagging guns to tag clothing items only! Please read the Consignor Information Packet for detailed instructions on how to properly tag with a tagging gun for the New To You Sales.

The checkout process is much faster and errors are minimal since we use barcode readers to scan your tags.  The “Consignors” page has specific guidelines for paper that must be used for tags to make sure that the bar code readers work properly.


PayPal:  All consignor profits will be delivered to the consignor via PayPal. We are striving to make our sale green and are finding ways to cut down on our paper usage. All PayPal terms and conditions apply. **Payment may take up to 2 weeks after sale ends**


If you are new to FlashConsign, or have any problems, please send us your questions so that we may help you get started.  We love our loyal consignors and shoppers! New To You wouldn’t be the great sale that it is without all of you!!


How to use FlashConsign:

1.  Log in to FlashConsign
2. Login or create an account
3. Click on Join a Consignment Sale
4. Look for sale New To You Children's Consignment Sale
5. Join the Sale
6. Make sure to pay your consignor fee with PayPal so we can get you approved right away!!!